2000W Hour Portable Solar Generator

This robust, mobile portable AC/DC generator can power most emergency equipment without the use of the grid or a heavy gas generator. It can power lighting and life saving devices, supply power in disaster relief areas and to medical tents without noise or fumes.

This powerful generator features an AC output of 110 volts at 60hz in a pure sine wave, DC 24 volt output at 20 amps and 2 USB 5V/2A outputs. Like all of our generators, it can be charged through any AC outlet, car lighter or with one of our foldable solar panels.

The PackPower 2000 can be used for:

  • Emergency and first aid
  • Power for medical equipment such as CPAP
  • Emergency lighting situations
  • Back up power during power failure
  • Power for safety radio equipment and communication devices
  • Back up power for smart devices: mobile phones, satellite phones, digital cameras, mobile hard drives, cameras, tablets, LED lights, laptop computers
  • Water pumps
  • Power for remote work sites: mining, exploration, military,scientific research, media, tourism, medical stations, disaster relief


  • Li-ion Battery Capacity (24V 84AH) 2000 watt hours
  • Pure sine wave AC 110V output
  • DC output 12V 20A
  • USB output 5V2A
  • 2W LED Light
  • Accepts AC grid 110V input to charge
  • Accepts solar panels 36V up to 400 watts to charge
  • Weight: 13kg
  • Dimensions: 40.0 x 24.7 x 27.2cm